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Nicholas Chen friday, december 3, 2021
I feel inspired by this piece published on the bookbear substack: https://ava.substack.com/p/belief-over-time. Writing is difficult, it's not easy, it doesn't always feel natural. That applies to writing about a project, or trying to find the direction of a project.

A couple of days ago I vomited out a couple of thoughts on
meta-acropolis and published them. They probably don't make much sense right now, because I've never really explained what meta-acropolis is. The truth is that I don't know. My hope is that a tool like exegesis will let me record my snippets of thoughts on what meta-acropolis will become, and I'll be able to gradually grope my way through the dark towards it.
I haven't been very consistent in writing these journal pieces, but I have done it occasionally, and I'm glad I have. I feel these will be valuable when I look back at them in a couple years. I also feel optimistic about the possibility of stitching together my thoughts on a project like meta-acropolis gradually.

ideas I feel it could be fun to put some small UX front end experiments on my website. It could be a convenient place to mess with some potential interfaces I want to toy with for meta-acropolis - including the learning map for number theory I wanted to build as a proof of concept.

Could be useful to reduce the scope even further for that project. Start by *just* going over RSA encryption.
Jazz has the feeling of patterns that have become aggressive, like harmonies and rhythms that have finally grown self aware, angry at the fact that they had been restrained for so long. music
In Thus Spake Zarathustra, Nietzsche talks about how it is possible for someone to fail because they have too many virtues, and their virtues fight each other, that someone with only one virtue is actually blessed because they can just follow it wholeheartedly.

I feel this way about
ideas. My mind generates loads of them, most of them are worthless (though I usually think otherwise), and they always distract me from the idea I was focusing on before. The moment I finally fixate on one idea, it explodes into another, and I face the unholy bastard child of combinatorial explosion and decision fatigue, where every step I take generates a billion possible other steps, and I end up exhausted from trying to pick between them.

This happens with writing as well. It's part of the reason I created
exegesis in the first place - any time I sit down to write about something, it ends up branching in a billion different directions and I can't settle on one, so having an app that will let me write down unrelated ideas next to each other helps a great deal.

I somewhat admire monomaniacs. Being obsessed with something to the point where you don't feel distracted by other ideas must be peaceful in its own way.
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My hope is that exegesis will let me write like an unhinged maniac about my ideas while I'm forming them out, then easily allow me to compose them into measured, carefully constructed essays when I feel ready to present those ideas to the world. writing