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Nicholas Chen wednesday, october 13, 2021
This song by Thom Yorke uses quintal harmony, I'm pretty sure. I was messing around on the piano yesterday, playing around with quintal chords, and it sounded very similar. I think the main progression is just 3 perfect 5ths stacked on top of a C, then 3 perfect 5ths stacked on top of a D.

Number Theory

Maybe the secret is to just do what's ahead of you effectively, without thinking too much about the long term. I'm taking a number theory class right now, and for ages number theory was just... completely pointless. It was done for the sake of doing it. But a few people still loved it, still cared about it, still bothered to do it well, and it eventually found an incredibly important application in cryptography. personal-reflection
Sometimes I worry if I'm working on the right things, or if anyone cares about what I do at all. Maybe it's not worth thinking about that at all. The universe works in funny ways - who knows what will happen?personal-reflection