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Nicholas Chen sunday, december 5, 2021
I am ambitious. I'd like exegesis and rhizome and meta-acropolis to grow into an empire, and I'd like to leave a legacy behind. I want to build beautiful things and I want the world to be a better place. I'd like to enable people to become greater, more virtuous, more excellent versions of themselves. I'd like to unleash my own potential; I'd like to unleash the world's potential. I want to see mankind thrive. personal-reflection Goals
With the meta-acropolis proof of concept, I'd like to try a different way of working..........!

For the past year or so I've been fully focused on building
exegesis. I feel happy with what I've accomplished so far on this project, and I'm excited to see what it's future holds, but I also miss being able to work on other projects and ideas.

So far, with most projects I've tried building them out "completely", with their own hosting, backends, databases, and authentication systems. Obviously, this is unsustainable if you just want to build out a bunch of proof of concepts. For this project, I'm just going to host it in a subdirectory of my personal site.

If this proves successful, I'll use it as a model for future side projects. The goal is to be able to mess around with a lot of small ideas on the side, while also working on big, serious, long term projects.
personal-reflection code
I fear that in working on meta-acropolis, I'm falling into the trap of jumping to the abstract before working through the particular.

Working on the proof of concept will help give me some experience trying to teach something, which will help.
p5 is not the rendering solution I want for meta-acropolis. Nonetheless, it would be fun to play with it someday and upload the results to the experiments section of my website. personal-reflection
https://brilliant.org/ has a curiosity-focused ontology of concepts - organizing things into vague but enticing categories like "infinity." This is good, and it's appealing to a lot of students. I don't know if it's the exact approach I'd want to use for meta-acropolis, but I'd certainly consider it.