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Nicholas Chen monday, october 18, 2021

Pinecones philosophy aesthetics

Holding a pinecone, I'm suddenly overwhelmed by a sense of wonder that the object I am holding is a natural formation. I am so used to seeing wood configured in a manmade format that I immediately associate the material with craftsmanship. The natural form is of course prior to anything we make with it, but this order has been reversed in my head.philosophy aesthetics
Something similar happened in my youth with videogames and nature. I did not spend much time as a child outdoors, spending most of my time playing videos, many of which were open world ones set in natural surroundings. As a teen, when I first got my driver's license, I began to explore the hiking trails near my house, and thought they reminded me a lot of exploration in video games. Of course, the order has been reversed here again: the video games were inspired by nature, not vice versa. philosophy aesthetics
Having been exposed to the copy before the original, the copy feels original to me, and vice versa. philosophy aesthetics

A hatred for intermediates personal-reflection art music aesthetics code

I started liking piano 100x more when I started figuring out songs by ear instead of reading sheet music. I enjoy drawing in pen without doing any pencil sketches first, and I go straight to code when making an app instead of using a prototyping tool.

To be sure, I can't recommend this approach to anyone else - my work in music, art and code is sloppy, probably because I am so impatient. I'm simply observing a pattern: it seems I strongly dislike intermediate steps.
personal-reflection art music aesthetics code