exegesis is now in beta

Nicholas Chen saturday, january 30, 2021
The first update to exegesis is now live! I outlined a couple of features in Roadmap to exegesis' beta release that I wanted complete before trying to seriously market the product. I was able to implement a decent amount of them, but there's still a lot of work left. Nonetheless, I feel like exegesis has become a lot more usable, and I feel comfortable bumping it up to beta status.

New Features


You can now add images to your notes! This can be done by clicking the image icon in the toolbar.

New Logo

Here's the new logo, I ripped it out of some concept art I drew for exegesis. I think it beats the default Next.js icon.

Page Tags

You can now apply a tag to an entire page. This is useful when you want to dedicate an entire page to an essay, not just scattered thoughts, and want to organize these essays.

Page Filters

In the sidebar, you can now filter notes by tag, search for a note by title, and

New Tutorial

I've added a tutorial that goes over the basic features of exegesis. It pops up by default for new users, and can be accessed at any time by clicking 'help' in the sidebar.

Adjustable Text Size

You can now adjust the text size in settings.

Additional Login Options

In addition to logging in with your Google account, you can now log in with a Twitter account or your email address.

The Future

Now that exegesis is (mostly) feature complete, I want to focus more on maintenance for a bit - bug fixes, UI changes, compiling user feedback, etc. etc. However, there are a couple features left that I still want to build.

Hypothes.is Integration

If you're wondering why exegesis doesn't have a comments system for the blogging system, it's because I want to integrate it with hypothes.is, which will work both as a web clipper and a comments system for public posts. Very excited to build (and use) this feature.


Have you ever wanted to buy notetaking app merch? No? Well I'm going to toss some exegesis concept art on a T-shirt anyways.


I want to build a newsletter feature, that will allow users to subscribe to certain users and get emails of their posts.