Make disorganized thinking your superpower.

exegesis is a writing app for capturing and sharing disorganized, non-linear, creative thinking.

"I do not want to hamper myself with anything in preparing my notes. I will not introduce any order or system. Whatever I recall, I will write down" -Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Notes From Underground

Instead of fussing over folders and organizers, just write your ideas down as they come to you. Tags let you go back and organize your thoughts afterwards once everything is safely written down.

"In the city of the future, it is difficult to concentrate" -Radiohead, Palo Alto

Armed with legions of server racks and stolen data, Big Tech has pillaged your attention span with a drip feed of content optimized to deliver maximal dopamine. The result is that you can no longer concentrate - your thoughts now resemble the disorganized, nonlinear streams of your favorite social media app.

Meanwhile, the tools you use to be productive are stuck in 1999, still attached to old, rigid concepts like "folders" and "documents." You consume disorganized streams of information on social media 24/7, but are expected to write and work with the same tools your dad uses. Distractions have become nuclear grade, your tools not so much.

exegesis is a tool designed for the brave new world we find ourselves living in. Instead of resisting the increasingly disorganized information ecosystem of the modern world, it embraces it. It is designed to help you make sense of chaos.

"Got treasures in my mind but couldn't open up my own vault" -Kanye West, POWER

The modern world has thrown us into a sea of information, full of both treasures and dangers. Old apps that try to categorize this information into rigid folders and categories are doomed to capsize in these rough waters. To make sense of all this information, to really unlock the potential of the crazy amounts of information on the internet, you'll need exegesis.

It's not really possible to "surf the web" anymore; the waters are far too choppy. Best take something more robust.